You can apply to join the register of Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) Instructors if you wish to provide training to people learning to drive lorries by downloading this form (pdf format).

How To Qualify

  1. Apply to an RTC of your choice. RTCs are listed here.
  2. You’ll get a reference number from the Registered Training Centre, which you can use to start qualifying as an LGV instructor.
  3. Sit and pass a theory test consisting of a multiple choice exam consisting of 100 questions with a pass mark of 85 correct answers (85%) with a minimum mark of 80% in each of the main four areas.
  4. Take and pass a driving test and a test of instructional ability.

You have up to three attempts to pass each test. You must wait a year before you can start the qualifying process again if you fail any of the tests on the third attempt. You’ll have to retake all of the tests if you don’t pass all three within a year of your first attempt at the theory test.


After passing the theory and driving test, complete a module-based instructor training course which at the end of completing each module successfully you will qualify for the register.

After Qualification

Your qualifying RTC will enter your name on the instructor’s register. Once you’re on the register:

  • Your details will be available to people looking for LGV training and will appear on the instructors web-based register
  • You can advertise yourself as a ‘Registered LGV Instructor’

Your registration as an LGV Instructor will last for five years.


You must have a full large goods vehicle (LGV) licence for the category of lorry you wish to instruct in.

You can apply if you passed your LGV licence test either:

  • Three or more years ago
  • More than a year ago and passed the equivalent PCV test over three years ago

You can count any time you’ve had a non-UK vocational licence as time since you passed your test(s).

You passed the LGV with trailer test (category C+E) one year ago. You passed the test for a bus carrying more than eight passengers with a trailer three years ago. You can apply to teach people to drive an LGV with a trailer.

Motoring offences and convictions
You can’t join the register if you’ve been banned from driving in the past four years. You may still apply if you have motoring offences or convictions, and the RTC panel will consider whether you may be still entitled to gain entry to the register.

For DVSA registered instructors wishing to transfer their DVSA registration to the LGV register please contact an RTC of your choice. There is no charge for transferring membership and no registration fee.